Update on the Coronavirus and Worthington security operation

updated 05-25-2020

To all customers:

We hope our customers and the residents of our properties are taking this virus very seriously.  Especially our senior citizen residents in South Florida.   We wanted to give an update to our customers.  Of course, our top priority is our employees and our customers safety and things may change. For our employees, it is mandatory now to have protective gloves and hand sanitizer in every work van with masks as well. They are being told to maintain a (6)ft distance from others at all times. 

For sales & surveys-  Our sales reps and technicians that deal directly with customers are being told to follow these strict protocols. We are limiting human to human contact as much as possible and will only be putting our sales reps in situations where they are not in crowds nor in areas of close contact to others.  We can actually do most surveys remotely or by coming on your property without meeting your face to face.  For any surveys or quotes please still give us a call.

If your property needs service please call our 954-471-3811 office number.

For Sales and Surveys please call our 954-471-3811 office number.

** Our Main office is sill closed to all visitors and non employees.

*** We hope to start our training in our showroom as soon as things get better.

I thank for your business and we look forward to making through these tough times together.

Harvey Worthington, CEO

Jairo Polanco, COO