New 4K High Definition video cameras over Analog CAbling

Do you have an old Analog CCTV Camera System?

  1. Keep old legacy Coax Cable
  2. Upgrade up to 4K cameras
  3. Upgrade Cameras to Color view
  4. DVR can record up to 4K
  5. increase resolution up to 20x
  6. Low cost upgrade but huge difference in performance

Analog Security Camera Upgrade Solutions

Upgrade your DVR

If you have an old Analog Security Camera system you may be capped at 1/2 MP or 1 MP resolution.  If so upgrade to one of our 5MP or 8MP hybrid DVR's that can accept Analog, HD-TVI, and IP Cameras

Upgrade your Cameras

Do you have old Analog Cameras?  IF so upgrade to High resolution 2MP, 4MP,5MP, or 8MP resolutions without changing your exciting legacy cabling.

High Definition over Coax cabling

Before you throw away your old legacy cable, let one of our experts survey your existing Coax cabling to see if it can be re-used and then we can install our HD-Analog/HD-TVI cameras for up to 4K resolutions.