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Solar Camera CCTV Security Systems

Solar Cameras – Panel Powered CCTV Security Camera Installations and Rentals.  Palm Beach, Broward  County, and Miami we offer solar cameras and solar powered solutions to your security  needs. To meet a high demand in a security conscious world we proudly  offer a range of solar powered security camera installations and rental  systems.

Solar powered security cameras are necessary when there is no mains  power or access to mains power is complicated. These installations and  rental systems are typically are on council parks, farms and large  commercial sites. Some residential properties on acreage may also  benefit from solar powered security systems. A well built system will  need to be able to run regardless of bad weather. In sunny South Florida this  typically means we need to provide 2-5 days of battery life at full  consumption. Worthington Security  is lucky enough to work  very closely with a large solar company of whom is a business partner of  ours. This allows us to source only the best quality panels as opposed  to cheap imports and calculate requirements to a fine art. Combined with  out industry leading installations and expertise when it comes to  security cameras, this results in some of the best built solar systems  on the market (if we may say so ourselves).  We can provide a custom system,  installed anywhere in Florida. Alternatively we can build kits to  suit your requirements and truck them anywhere in the state. This could be  equipment only or a full system ready to mount on its block or drop into  its hole and flick a switch!