License Plate camera

Here is our top of the line Axis License Plate camera able to capture vehicles going up to 81mph.  Check this bad boy out!

license Plate camera fort lauderdale

License Plate Cameras

License Plate Cameras anywhere in South Florida from Worthington Security


Worthington  Security of South Florida installs (2) different types of License plate Cameras.  License Plate cameras require additional features to overcome  tough light condition  and to catch cars going over 80 MPH.

License Plate Recognition-  In this case  LPR cameras would be able to export out on files the  actual license plates.  Users can create Black lists and white lists of  cars need to raise a red flag.  These are great cameras.   The LPR  module not only reads and recognizes license plate information  automatically from passing vehicles, but it also logs the information   with the accompanying snapshots.  All of this vehicle information is   searchable using time or license plate information and it can then be   transmitted to multiple users simultaneously. The LPR module is   effective to enforce parking permits or time-limited zone rules and to   conduct lot inventories. The software already supports optimized   recognition algorithms for most of the states in the USA including  Florida.


 Key features  

Vehicle access record and search for post-event investigation
The iVMS-5200 Professional LPR module provides vehicle information such   as the license plate number as well as the vehicle model, logo, and   color. Each of these elements is accessible and searchable (using a  time  frame or plate number) for up to six months.
Real-time vehicle information reading and identification
The iVMS-5200Professional LPR module can automatically read and   recognize license plate information from passing vehicles, take   snapshots, and present the information in a user-friendly way for   effective identification of vehicles.

License Plate Capture-  In this case the camera only records the video and will capture the license plate on the recorder.  

We  install License Plate Cameras in every city in South Florida including  Boca Raton, Fort luaderdale, Margate, Coral Springs, West Palm Beach,  Miami, Deerfeld Beach, Tamarac, Sunrise, Delray Beach.

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How do License Plate cameras work?

 License  Plate cameras have special features to overcome tough lighting and  moving objects.  They are also usually zoomed in much more than typical camera.  You definitely need an expert camera technician to install a license plate camera.


License plate Cameras

Hi-tech License Plate Technology

With high resolution as good as it is in 2020, License Plate camera benefit from 4K and now 6k resolutions to capture license plates like never before.  

It is so important when dealing with the police to have license plate information.  Otherwise solving crimes is very hard and most law enforcement will have a tough time devoting resources to solve the crime.  Let our trusted design team provide a cost effective solution for you today.